[Vacancy] Lead Researcher – Quantitative
INSPIRASI (Inisiatif Kepemimpinan Pendidikan Untuk Raih Prestasi) adalah lembaga nonprofit dan independen yang bertujuan meningkatkan kualitas pembelajaran siswa melalui dukungan peningkatan keefektifan kepemimpinan kepala sekolah, khususnya terkait pembelajaran.
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[Vacancy] Lead Researcher – Quantitative

[Vacancy] Lead Researcher – Quantitative

About Scope of Work

INSPIRASI (Inisiatif Kepemimpinan Pendidikan untuk Raih Prestasi), is an independent and non-profit foundation with goals to help addressing learning crisis in Indonesia through developing effective school leadership practices. INSPIRASI is affiliated with the Global School Leaders (GSL) network, consists of like-minded initiatives focusing on school leadership development in several countries, such as India, Malaysia and Kenya.

INSPIRASI has begun its work by piloting a 1.5 year continuous professional development program for 25 primary school (SD and MI) principals and senior teachers of moderate to low performing schools in Karawang District, West Java starting in July 2019 till December 2020. The pilot aims at developing a model for school leadership development program of principals that can be used to make an impact on student learning at scale throughout Indonesia and serve as a demonstration model relevant for government and education stakeholders. The planned evaluation is an endline assessment which builds upon a baseline assessment conducted in July 2019. The purpose of this endline are:

  1. Evaluating to what extent the program changes school principals’ practices,  teachers’ teaching practices & students’ learning achievement
  2. Identifying the role of the pilot program in producing these changes (causal attribution)

About the Role

As a Lead Researcher, the individual will be responsible for leading the endline evaluation of the pilot program. The initial phase is expected to take place in July – December 2020, while the fieldwork/data collection is expected in January 2021. The data analysis and report writing are expected to take place in February – March 2021. It is expected that the lead researcher will have extensive knowledge of and experience in designing, planning, and conducting program evaluations. Additionally, she/he will work closely with Research Assistant and INSPIRASI internal consultants who were in charge of the baseline assessment which was conducted in July 2019. The role, whilst supported by a small team, requires the individual to work with a high degree of pro-activity and independence. The Lead Researcher will report to the INSPIRASI Program Director. The followings are the key responsibilities, but are not limited to:

Initial phase

  1. Desk research on the baseline design & instruments and the pilot program details
  2. Finalise the design and methodology for the endline assessment, including a revised evaluation matrix, a revised sampling strategy, and a revised sample size
  3. Develop quality assurance plan, setting out the systems and processes for assuring the quality of the research process and the deliverables
  4. Adjust data collection tools (draft, final); these tools may include research instruments used during the baseline assessment, any revisions to these tools, and/or the development of new tools
  5. Secure ethical approval & consent from every relevant party before the study starts
  6. Develop research protocol to conduct the endline assessment for enumerators
  7. Develop budget calculation & logistical needs to conduct the endline assessment

Data collection phase

  • Pilot the instruments and revise them as required
  • Design content & duration for enumerator training
  • Recruit enumerators
  • Conduct training for recruited enumerators on the endline evaluation design, sampling framework, tools & data collection ethics
  • Supervise the data collection & data entry by enumerators and ensure the smooth and efficient day-to-day operation of assigned study design
  •  Manage the collected data from the participants                            

Data analysis               

  1. Assist with programmatic data entry and cleaning as needed
  2. Deliver robust analysis of collected data based on study design

Report writing

  1. Write findings in an engaging and understandable report, including data visualisation
  2. Share findings to internal colleagues and teams in timely manner
  3. Launch and publish report to maximise the study’s reach and use

About You

INSPIRASI is looking an individual with the following qualifications:

  1. Master’s degree in social science
  2. 3-5 years of work experience carrying out research or evaluation, with documented experiences in research and/or designing data collection instruments, managing field work, and managing the data
  3. Sound understanding of various approaches to assess impact
  4. Sound expertise in data analysis, both quantitative & qualitative data
  5. Demonstrated record of successfully completing and producing engaging & understandable reports in line with established deadlines
  6. Experience in design, plan and execution of research projects with minimum supervision
  7. Experience preparing presentations and writing final conclusions clearly and concisely for internal and external
  8. Experience in using technologies for data collection and analysis and working with data is preferrable.
  9. Having experience in implementing impact evaluation is preferrable
  10. Native in Bahasa Indonesia and English literate

What we offer

This is not a full-time position, but output basis based on agreed deliverables with maximum 15 working days per month. Works are mostly done remotely but travel to Jakarta to have discussions with the team are required & stay in Karawang during fieldwork. Salary and benefits are commensurate with experience and competitive with the non-profit education sector in Indonesia.

Interested candidates may apply by sending their CV and a cover letter stating how this position aligns with his/her professional experiences and aspirations to apply@inspirasifoundation.org by 12 June, 2020. Please include “Application for Lead Researcher_<name>” in the subject line of your email.

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