Adita Febaranti Sinta

Adita Febaranti Sinta: Communication Specialist

Dita has an interest in education since she was in college at Gadjah Mada University. This interest is channeled into various volunteer activities by becoming a volunteer teaching and education team. When she was a student, Dita had the opportunity to become a volunteer teaching children of oil palm migrant workers in Sarawak and street children in Yogyakarta. These two experiences gave Dita the experience of valuable untold stories.


After graduating, Dita pursued her interest in education by becoming a facilitator of Anak Indonesia Bersih dan Sehat program for one year in remote areas. From this experience, Dita found a common thread in the potential of the story and her ability to write. He continued his journey as a communication officer in a start-up creative agency and sociopreneur for several years, capturing unique and good stories from social programs that the company was working on. Now when she joins INSPIRASI, Dita keeps sharing untold stories on any platform.