Dyah Ayu Kusumaningrum

Dyah Ayu Kusumaningrum: Operation Associate

Dyah has a high interest in education since she was in college. She has developed an environmental education program for elementary school children with called Jejak Petarung Rimba (Traces of Jungle Fighters) in one elementary school in Bogor Regency. Dyah’s interest in education sector led her to participate as Pengajar Muda (Young Teacher) of Indonesia Mengajar program for a year in Kepulauan Yapen Regency, Papua.

Before joining INSPIRASI, Dyah worked at one of the startup companies in Indonesia engaging in social sector of forestry business. In addition, she is also an active entrepreneurship providing access to young people to the archipelago fabric. Some profits from its sales are used to support the development of reading parks in some parts of Indonesia.