IT Reinforcement for INSPIRASI Partners

IT Reinforcement for INSPIRASI Partners

Since last March, BDR (learning from home) activities have been carried out online due to the outbreak of Covid-19. The majority of teachers and students are getting used to the online media/devices that they use daily. Now, what about supervisors and school principals? Have they mastered such online devices?

As a teacher’s counselor in planning and implementing the learning activity, the school principal and supervisor shall have the knowledge and skill to use the online devices. Moreover, the capacity building for school principal, supervisor, and teacher can only be held online due to the restriciton for face-to-face meeting with large number of people.

This mid 2020, INSPIRASI starts the second phase of its pilot program inspite of the pandemic. The program begins with delivering material on IT reinforcement, which is getting more familiar with Zoom and Miro applications. Both platform will often be used by INSPIRASI and Partners for online workshops.

The participants learns more about the available Zoom features such as opening the audio access to hear and be heard, writing message via chat feature, raising hand, giving fast feedback (yes, no, go-faster, go-slower), and joining or exiting the group (breakout room). The workshop went well despite challenges looking for the location of the features.

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Picture 1. Giving feedback using sticky notes offline

The second application being learned together is Miro. Miro is usually used as an online facilitation tool to gather ideas together. On an offline activity, we usually use sticky notesThe participants who are the K3S supervisor and committee try a variety of features like, write down ideas through a sticky note, change the color of sticky note, zoom in and out board, shifting the board, look for the presence of ohter users, as well as how to connect one sticky note with another.

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Gambar 2. giving feedback using sticky note online (miro application)

Based on the results of reflection, the participants said they were happy because they gained new knowledge and insight about various online applications. It takes practice to have a better skill in operating such platforms. INSPIRASI hopes that the workshop can also be applied by the participants in their respective place of work.

Author: Yossy Rachmatillah

Editor: Masdar Fahmi

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