Nur Cahaya

Nur Cahaya: Operational Manager

Nur Cahaya has been actively dealing with educational and social issues since studying at IPB (Institut Pertanian Bogor), through the projects she built in his organization (BEM). Her passion in education and social issues brought her to participated in Indonesia Mengajar programme (2014-2015), located in Fakfak, West Papua.


Experience and knowledge in dealing with educational and social issues, became a provision for Cahaya when she joined the Ministry of Education as a part of team Expert staff of The Minister for innovation and competitiveness. The programs made are not only for formal education, but also informal.


As an agricultural alumnus, Cahaya continues her career in various startup companies and NGOs in agriculture such as eFishery (startup in fisheries technology, dealing with community and strategic accounts) and SCOPI (National Coffee Platform, dealing with coffee issues from upstream to downstream).


His experience in the field of Education and building startup companies led him to contribute to building the INSPIRASI Foundation to realize better school leadership.