Final Study Report for INSPIRASI 2nd Pilot Program in Karawang

About This Project

Inisiatif Kepemimpinan Pendidikan untuk Raih Prestasi (INSPIRASI) is a foundation founded by Global School Leaders (GSL) that bridges philanthropists, education practitioners, academics, and policy makers to create innovation in school leadership in Indonesia. The foundation serves as a research engine that implements pilot programs and collects evidence on aspects that can effectively help school leaders (PS) ensure better learning in their schools.


INSPIRASI held a final study of the Karawang 2 Pilot Program with the theme “Developing Principal Competencies by Building K3S (Principal Working Groups) into Practitioners Community”. Based on the potential of the practitioner community approach as a K3S transformation model, the INSPIRASI foundation has implemented a second pilot program in three partner sub-districts (Majalaya, Pakisjaya, and Ciampel). This program aims to develop the competence of principals’ academic supervision by building K3S into a community of practitioners.

Based on the baseline study, K3S is considered an efficient communication network and a source of professional companionship for school principals. Therefore, the practitioner community approach also has the potential to help school supervisors, as parties in the system, to develop the competencies of school principals according to their needs through K3S9. If the existing K3S can be a forum for school principals to share their problems at school, especially related to teacher teaching practices and try to solve them collaboratively, then this K3S can be a potential alternative for the Professional Development program Sustainability (PKB) for school principals.