Verawati: Programme Manager Project Karawang

Verawati, a minang woman who is familiarly called Vhe, has been yearning to be a teacher since she was in high school. Continuing his education at the Faculty of Mathematics and Science Education with a major in Computer Science Education at the Indonesian University of Education led him to meet his passion in the field of education. 


After graduating from college, Vhe joined as a Young Teacher in Indonesia Teaching. Interacting with the community on the small island of West Papua, became his turning point in interpreting education and motivated him to move more by joining a Non-Profit institution that develops capacity building programs for educators. However, Vhe also performed his role as a teacher in several schools.


Prior to becoming a program Manager at INSPIRASI Foundation, Vhe was a Teacher and School Training Specialist in the Learning Quality Innovation Development Program (PINTAR) for the Riau Province program area. Vhe is responsible for developing the design of the implementation of the program, developing training modules both for subject teachers and for principals. With what he did, Vhe hopes to be able to participate in expanding access to decent education for Indonesian children.