Aloysius Brama Adintyo

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Aloysius Brama Adintyo: Project Officer Gender Pemalang

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Bram completed his education majoring in Communication Science, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Atma Jaya University, Yogyakarta. He manifested his interest in social and cultural fields by joining ketjilbergerak, a community in Yogyakarta that focuses on educating youth through art as a method. With ketjilbergerak, he is involved in several programs that focus on urban youth in issues such as Sekolah Kota, Jogja mBhinneka, and Biennale Jogja XIII Equator #3 2015. Along with that, he has also been a part of, an arts and culture media in Yogyakarta. He also is one of the leaders of the FISIP UAJY Student Executive Board for the 2016-2017 period.


After graduating from college, he became a journalist for an economic and business media in Jakarta. Shortly after, Bram found a wider “playing field” in the social development sector. From 2019 to 2021, he worked as a staff member at, a job-seeking platform for people with disabilities. He has been involved in several social inclusion projects, such as increasing work preparedness for persons with disabilities and several projects to increase disability inclusion for companies and government institutions. Since then he has been familiar with various projects aimed at gender equality and social inclusion, including being a project officer for a gender-responsive school project initiated by INSPIRASI.

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