Covid-19 pandemic resulted in online or distance learning conducted by educational institutions. Consequently, education administrators must be alert in utilizing the existing technology. Challenges for school principals and teachers emerge in the best effort to provide high-quality learning.

Distance learning has been going on for approximately 4 weeks in various provinces in Indonesia. Boredom has begun to approach. Surely, this situation urges school principals and teachers to be more active and creative during the learning process.

Effective learning does not merely refer to certain textbooks or learning material. School is also responsible for developing soft skills(life skills) and character education of the students. Therefore, schools need to have innovations to give memorable experiences despite the learning-from-home situation.

Some of these schools made a breakthrough while assisting their students to study at home. Fresh ideas and using a variety of interactive media, is expected to suppress boredom.

1. Inviting a guest teacher

Inviting the teacher can be one alternative to eliminate the boredom for students. Moreover, online learning seems to be easier and less expensive. Partner school Eduversal once invited Enes Kanter, the professional NBA player, to be the guest teacher.

Enes inspires students about life skillsthrough Zoomapplication. This program also broadcasted live via YouTube. Approximately 500 students from 10 middle and high schools of Eduversal partners in Indonesia participated in the activity. In his conversation, Enes also encourages students to keep learning in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis. (

2. Using online gamingmedia for teaching

The world of the child is a world of play. They like games, including online gaming. This reason encourages one of the teachers from San Diego, US, Charles Coomber, to teach game. He chooses game of Virtual Reality Half-Life: Alyx to deliver Mathematics lessons (

Alyx is the latest game series that makes the game look real using three-dimensional concept. Learning videos created are then uploaded to  his YouTube account, making it easier for students to see. Teachers who wish to apply this concept of learning should be familiar and exploring online gaming.

3. Creating a learning vlog

Vlog (video blog) is already very popular among teenagers or students. This media can be used to support teaching and learning activities from home. As conducted by Krista Adayu, a sixth-grade teacher at SDN Gumilir 6 Cilacap, Central Java.

Ms. Krista chooses vlogwhen giving assignments to students instead of via WAtexts. She feels that parents and students can understand the explanation better through video. Previously, she received many questions when explaining the assignments through writing in the WA group.

One example of a vlog that Ms. Krista made was an experimental video tutorial testing ingredients of aluminum in food and vegetables. Students are asked to do the experiment using tools and materials available at home (

4. ‘Creating a product’ project

Haris Tarmidi, a sixth-grade teacher at SDN Puguh Kendal, Central Java, gives an assignment on creating useful-product-based. The assignment is sent to students via their parents’ WA.

Tools and materials for creating the product must be available at home, for example, when making simple mask and natural hand sanitizer. Students find out the needed material in the internet, and report how to make it through writing and pictures sent via WA.

This creative learning process is possible with the support from the school principal as his leader. The effective school principals are the ones who are able to support their teachers to be key movers.

Prof. Dr. Luluk Suryani, M.Pd, Head of the Institution for the Development and Empowerment of School Principals (LPPKS) mentions that school principal is the important figure in supporting the success of study-from-home policy. Moreover, an effective school principals’ leadership is the key for student learning success.

Author: Dyah Ayu Kusumaningrum

Editor: Masdar Fahmi