JAKARTA, (PR) .- INSPIRASI Foundation, a non-profit organization focusing on the leadership sector said that an adaptive school principal would effectively improve the quality of students’ learning at school where he leads.

“So, those adaptive principals can adjust what they have to decide and do based on the problem,” said Senior Program Manager of INSPIRASI, Cici Tri Wanita after giving a presentation in a discussion at the Ministry of Education and Culture, Jakarta, Thursday, December 5th 2019.

The public discussion entitled “The challenge in developing school principals’ leadership to overcome the learning crisis in Indonesia”.

Cici said, besides the need for an adaptive school principal, she emphasized on six other things in increasing the effectiveness of the principal’s leadership. Therefore, the principal is able to improve student learning outcomes.

In addition to an adaptive skill as the first key, the second key is that the school principal must provide support for teachers to learn. The principal, he said, has to support teachers to learn such as by providing learning resources or sending the teachers to attend training or to study in other schools.

Third, principals must have expectations about what they expect from the targets set. “So actually they already have a big vision, but it must have derivatives. So, there must be an implementation of what they want to do to achieve the vision,” said Cici.

The fourth key, the principal also needs to plan, coordinate, and evaluate the classroom teaching along with the curriculum.

The fifth key, principals need to synchronize school resources with priority issues regarding classroom learning. Sixth, they should actively support the development of teacher professionalism.

The seventh key, principals also needs to supervise any program outside the curriculum, and its impact on learning outcomes.

“So (the school principal needs to) monitor whether the program is executed or not. If it is, how well? Is it according to the objectives or not? If it is not, what should be done to fix it?” she explained. ***

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