Paulina P.K. Mada

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Paulina P.K. Mada: Administrative Officer Project BERSAMA Sumba Barat Daya

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Lina Mada, born in Kodi, Southwest Sumba. He spent his childhood and formal education in several areas including Kodi, Malang, Anakalang-Sumba Tengah, Waingapu, East Sumba and Waikabubak-West Sumba. Since pursuing his Undergraduate Education at Wiyata Taman Siswa Yogyakarta Undergraduate University (1991-1996), he has been active in student organizations and youth organizations PMKRI (Catholic Student Union of the Republic of Indonesia). This organizational experience led Lina Mada to choose the path of being a social activist and joined the Jakarta PAKTA Foundation since 1999. The Jakarta PACT project in the Sumba region ended in 2003. Since then, the Jakarta PAKTA Foundation has officially closed its activities in the Sumba area.


To continue her work in the Sumba area, Lina Mada together with the late Frans B. Lele, initiated the establishment of the Sumba PACT Foundation which is an independent organization that is independent and separate from the Jakarta PAKTA Foundation. The new foundation takes a major focus on environmental conservation and community empowerment. Since its establishment, the institution has received financial support from the Birdlife International Indonesia Programme.


Birdlife International Indonesia Programme activists in Indonesia then formed an independent institution under the name Burung Indonesia. It is this institution that continues cooperation with partners in the Sumba region where the Sumba PACT Foundation is one of its partners. One of the results of the collaboration between Burung Indonesia and the Sumba PAKTA Foundation is the success of the manupeu Tanadaru National Park area boundary manager (now: MATALAWA→Manupeu Tanadaru-Laiwanggi Wanggameti) which is facilitated through a participatory, transparent and accountable process and involves various key stakeholders, both at the local, regional, and national levels.


Her long experience managing administration and finance prompted Lina to publish a guidebook for Group Financial management and Administration supported by funding by Burung Indonesia. This simple guidebook is used by community groups in 22 villages assisted by the Sumba PACT Foundation to date.


As the owner of the Sumba Pact Foundation (together with the late Frans B. Lele), Lina’s work then continued to Burung Indonesia as sumba administration & finance officer from 2007 to 2017.  After leaving Burung Indonesia (31 Dec 2017), Lina worked for education issues with INOVASI as an Administration & Operation Assistant from 2018 to 2020. Armed with experience with INOVASI, Lina then joined yayasan INSPIRASI as administrative officer of Southwest Sumba who also handles education issues.


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