The education sector is one of the sectors that has been badly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Not only with the transfer of teaching and learning activities from school to home, but also how the governance of school institutions works. The financial sector is the aspect that is affected. Coupled with the results of our survey to the Principal, it shows that the biggest concern of private schools is related to financial issues.

The Center for Indonesian Policy Studies (CIPS) in collaboration with the INSPIRASI Foundation invites education observers as well as school administrators to participate in the discussion “Financial Challenges of Low Cost Private Schools during the Pandemic”. We hope that this discussion can become a forum for education practitioners to discuss, provide positive input for the school, and can also produce good recommendations for stakeholders in the education sector.

Day/ Date          : Wednesday, June, 10th 2020

Waktu                        : 10.30 – 12.00 WIB


  1. Prof. Dr. Nunuk Suryani, M.Pd, Sekretaris Direktorat Jenderal Guru dan Tenaga Kependidikan, Plt.LPPKS Kementerian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan RI
  2. Dera Nugraha, Kepala Sekolah SMP Islam Cendekia Cianjur
  3. Mohamad Fachrodzad, Wakil Kepala Sekolah MI Tunas Karya
  4. Nadia Fairuza Azzahra, Peneliti Center for Indonesian Policy Studies

Moderator: Yoni Nurdiansyah, Program Manager INSPIRASI Foundation

This webinar will be held via Zoom. You can register yourself as well as ask questions via the link .

for more information, you can contact Dahlia Ramya at

See you!